Green Valley Growers North Hollywood

Green Valley Growers is a place where you can buy organic foods that are grown locally. It is located in North Hollywood, CA. Green Valley Growers has an inside market area and outside garden area where they grow their own produce.

Inside the market area of Green Valley Growers there is a butcher shop, fishmonger, hot bar, deli, bakery , juice bar, cheese counter, coffee/espresso bar, pasta & sauce section ,a large variety of dry goods (grains / beans /etc.), frozen items (vegetables / fruit), dairy items (milk/yogurt/cheese etc.) , detox center machine that cleans your blood with ozonated water and vitamin drips that have more than 20 nutrients for just $65 and a whole foods store.

Green Valley Growers also offers catering services and seasonal outdoor events such as: Jazz on the farm, summer concert series , Christmas light show and pumpkin picking. There is even an area for paintball! Seasonal produce can be found at Green Valley Growers. Come see them today!

A little bit about the owner of Green Valley Growers: Julie Lastrapes has been in business since 1995 and opened her own place in 2001. I consider myself to be a farmer who fell into retail/wholesale organic foods business” says Lastrapes. A lot of different people come to this market because it’s not only organically grown food, but they have many other products too. I hope this article made you consider visiting the next time you are looking for fresh produce. Have a great day!